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Sampling is not available at this time.

5 selections for $5 | Wines by the Glass $4, $5, and $6

Bottle Section


Malbec –Traditional South American dry red  $14
Giuseppe – A delicious, dry, fruit forward Sangiovese. $14
Mia – Petite Sirah – Full-bodied red with notes of berries. 12.9% $14
Dry Rosé –  Made from the Nebbiolo grape.  Best served chilled.  12.9% $14
Pomegranate Zinfandel – Fruit flavored light-bodied red wine  9.5%  $12
Red Sangria – Sweet robust red patterned after a traditional Sangria  12.3%   $11
Old Forge – Semi-dry red made in the spirit of the traditions our families brought with them from the ‘Old Country’  $12
Valpolicella – A rich and velvety dry red with ripe cherry undertones and long finish  12.9% $14
Babe – A blend of Nebbiolo and Valpolicella region varietals, rich and full bodied  12.9%  $14
Cabernet Sauvignon – Anthony – 12.9% – Chilean sourced, balanced aged with American Oak  $14
Abundante – Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend  12.9%  $14


Angelina – Soave Classico –A crisp wine with prominent citrus notes, originating from the Veneto region of Northeast Italy. $14
Sistine – Pinot Grigio – A delicious, dry medium bodied traditional Pinot Grigio.  12.5%  $14
Ele – A traditional, semi-sweet Riesling with floral and mineral notes.  12.2%  $12
Tuscan Sun – Made from the Trebbiano grape harvested from northern Italy, refreshing and crisp with notes of lemon.  Perfect for those long summer days and a natural compliment to most fish dishes 12.5%  $14
Lucia – A 2018 central Coast Viognier, with notes of tangerine and melon  12.9%  $14
Chardonnay – Nona Lana – Australian grown, a dry lighter chardonnay with floral notes   12.5% $14
Sweet Rose’  –  Made from a pink Moscato, light, sweet and refreshing  9%  $12
Strawberry Watermelon – A sweet fruity wine with a gorgeous pink hue, and prominent fruit flavors.  8.0%  $10 
White Peach – A medium-bodied white wine, with the added sweetness of peach   12.3%   $11


Fruit Wines

Blackberry Plum –   8.8%    A light bodied wine made from the fruit of plum, with added blackberry for sweetness  $10
Raspberry –  8.8%  A light bodied wine made from raspberries.  $10
Peach Apricot –  8.8%  A light bodied blend of peach and apricot wines.  $10