Wines/ Sampling

Wine sampling:  5 selections for $3;   8 selections for $5

Wines by the Glass $5;   Rotating selection of PA craft beers.  For a complete list of our cocktails made with PA distilled liquors , please check out our menu on our Home page.

Bottle prices listed below

White Wines

Mint Mojito $10   Steeped garden mint leaves with mojito flavoring for a one of a kind cocktail wine
Watermelon Mint, Blackberry Mint or Chocolate Mint   $12
Viognier    $14     A well balanced Central Coast wine, with notes of peach, cantaloupe, and a mild black pepper finish
Angelina –  Italian White Wine   $14     A crisp, fruity, refreshing wine from the Veneto region of Italy                                        
Sistine – Pinot Grigio  $12     A delicious, dry classically made wine                                    
White Peach      $12     A medium-bodied white with a rich golden hue.  The added sweetness of white peach makes this unique and balanced

Ele – Riesling  $12  A traditional, semi-sweet Riesling, with floral and mineral notes
Lucia – Moscato    $12     A light-bodied, semi-sweet Italian white wine

Red Wines

Dolce Vita–   A sweet, traditional Ruby port style wine    $16 full/ $10 half bottle
Pomegranate Grape Wine  – $12  Light-bodied, sweet, fruit flavored Zinfandel
Red Sangria – $12   A sweet, full-bodied wine, patterned after a traditional Sangria
Old Forge – Traditional Red  $12   A semi-dry Italian wine, made in the spirit of hometown wine making
Red Blend – $14  A 50/50 blend of our Cabernet and Malbec grapes.  Well balanced and mildly oaked
Anthony –  $14   A Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, aged with American Oak.
Mia – Petite Sirah     $14  A full bodied, Chilean wine with dark berry fruit flavors
Malbec – $14   A Chilean red, dry with notes of berry and plum