Raspberry Beret – Vanilla vodka, house made Irish Cream and raspberry  $9 (Available in the fall)
Dirty Arnold –PA distilled Faber whiskey with a mix of iced tea and lemonade $6
Philly Special – PA distilled grape vodka, cranberry juice and a splash of club $6
Mucciolo Mule – Inspired by the Moscow Mule, a blend of our house-spiced rum, ginger beer soda and a splash of Mint wine . $6 (Available in the fall)
Old Forge Sour – A mix of premium PA Rye Dad’s Hat whiskey, organic lemonade, shaken and topped with red wine $8
Homemade Irish Cream – Like Bailey’s, but with a kick. $6 (Available in the fall)
Old Fashioned –  Traditionally made, muddled orange, Morello cherries, bitters, with PA Rye whiskey over ice  $8
Limone Cocktail – House-made Limoncello, with club soda and a splash of raspberry $6
Pomacello – House-made Limoncello, Pomegranate wine and pineapple juice $8
Lavender Wisp – PA distilled vodka, fresh lemonade, and a wisp of lavender $6
Bloody Mary – Our house-made mix, and original or garlic infused PA vodka $6
Berry Splash – Sweet red wine cocktail made with cranberry juice and a splash of blackberry. Served over ice. $5
Classic Sangria – Traditionally made – red wine with brandy, orange liquer, and club soda $5
Pina Colada Sangria – White rum, coconut, pineapple juice and white wine  $5

Craft Beer

SBC – Seasonal Shandy  4.7% abv
            Hopcellerator IPA  West Coast IPA  6.5% abv
Yuengling – Lager 4.5% abv
                       Flight 4.2% abv
Benny Brewing Co. – Belgian Wit – 4.5% abv
Nimble Hill –  Midnight Fuggle Porter – 5.5% abv
Victory Brewing – Golden Monkey – Belgian Tripel Ale – 9.5% abv
Troegs Independent Brewing  – Mad Elf – Strong Dark Belgian Ale 11%abv

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